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BRONZITE. Known as the « Stone of Focused Action » and « Stone of Courtesy », Bronzite promotes certainty. As a grounding stone, it instils a sense of stillness and has the power to ease stress and alleviate nervous anxiety. Bronzite also enhances creativity and forward-thinking and can dispel negative energy.

ONYX BLACK. Black Onyx can act as a powerful protection and is a strength-giving stone. It has the power of absorbing and transforming negative energy, helps to prevent the drain of personal energy and is used to encourage happiness and good fortune. The Black Onyx helps you become the master of your own future.

LAVA STONE. Lava Stone is a calming stone that provides guidance and understanding. It has a strengthening effect that procures stability in times of change and encourages to keep pursuing positive progress.

The characteristics, benefits and virtues of the stones listed on our site are information from various books and reference websites in lithotherapy. These indications could in no case constitute a medical diagnosis nor engage our responsibility. For a therapeutic use of our natural stone bracelets, we recommend that you first seek the advice of a doctor who is the only person suited to diagnose your state of health.


You can extend the life of your jewellery by properly and regularly caring for it. For this there are some basic rules that you should follow.

Onyx and Bronzite

      • To clean your Onyx and Bronzite bracelets, we advise you to rinse them with clear water and then wipe them with a clean cloth.
      • To purify them, place the few hours in a bowl filled with salted water.
      • To recharge them, you can expose them either to sunlight or moonlight and preferably on a cluster of quartz.


Lava stone

      • Lava stone does not like water so much and we recommend that you clean the beads of your bracelet with a slightly damp cloth beforehand.
      • One method of purification is to place your bracelet for a few hours in a small pile of salt.
      • You can then recharge your stones in the light of the sun for several hours or on evenings with a full moon.



All our leather products are made with genuine leather. You can extend the life of your leather wristband by treating it gently.

      • Leather bracelets do not tolerate wet conditions. Try to keep them dry so that they don’t become porous and brittle. Excessive exposure to the sun can also adversely affect the durability and original colour of the leather.
      • To clean your leather product, we recommend that you first use a damp cloth on a small area of ​​your product to make sure that it does not react badly. Once you have confirmed that it is safe, you can use it to thoroughly clean your product.
      • Do not use any chemical cleaners to maintain the product.
      • Genuine leather may slightly change colour when used regularly.
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