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HEMATITE. Hematite is an anchoring and balancing stone that helps you reconnect with your body. It has the ability to absorb negative energies and calm stress and anxiety. It is a very protective stone, giving strength and helping us to keep our feet on the ground.

TIFFANY. Tiffany is a stone with high vibratory properties, associated with healing, transformation, abundance and love. A stone of communication and unconditional love, it stimulates our intuition and gives us easier access to psychic abilities such as lucid dreams, clairvoyance and visions, and helps us develop a strong soul connection in love, based on positive, balanced energy.

AGATE. Agate is a wonderful gemstone for balancing mind, body and soul, as well as helping you to slow down and centre yourself. This interesting crystal is also said to promote inner strength, courage and its cooling effect of ensuring good general health and a long prosperous life.

BROWN JASPER. The healing properties of brown jasper make it a strong anchor stone connected to the earth and all the beauty of nature. It is known as the ultimate healer. It brings comfort, solidity and balance and transmutes negative energies. This wonderful stone is considered very useful in times of stress and can help relieve anxiety and worry. Use brown jasper to rediscover joy, serenity and the courage to face life’s ups and downs.

PICASSO JASPER. Picasso Jasper is an exceptional stone whose soothing energy promotes inner peace and harmony. It radiates a positive energy that brings optimism and open-mindedness while increasing motivation and dynamism. It reminds us to celebrate and enjoy life.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN. Snowflake obsidian is a stone of purity. Its energy is restful and serene, bringing peace and balance to the body. As a stone of transformation, it helps to break harmful behavioural patterns, reduce negative emotions and bring positive transformation into your life. It promotes a sense of general well-being and tranquillity. It also has pain-relieving properties.

BLUE SODALITE. Blue sodalite is a logical stone that promotes mental clarity and has the power to heal emotions. It fosters confidence, communication and creativity and has a strong ability to promote positive thinking. It promotes self-esteem and brings confidence and truth into your life. Blue sodalite can rid you of mental confusion and bring clarity. It is in the area of emotional healing that sodalite shines brightest.

BRONZITE. Known as the “Stone of Focus” and the “Stone of Courtesy”, bronzite promotes certainty. A “foundation” stone, it instils a sense of tranquillity and has the power to relieve stress and nervous anxiety. Bronzite also enhances creativity and forward thinking and can dissipate negative energy.

BLACK ONYX. Black Onyx is a powerful stone of protection and reinforcement. It has the power to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive energy, helps prevent the drain of personal energy and is used to encourage happiness and good fortune. Black Onyx helps you to become master of your own future.

LAVA STONE. Lava stone is a soothing stone with the ability to counsel and instil understanding. It has a strengthening effect that encourages and provides stability in times of change.


The characteristics, benefits and virtues of the stones described on our site are based on information from various books and reference websites on lithotherapy.

Under no circumstances do these indications constitute a medical diagnosis or engage our responsibility.

For any use of our natural stone bracelets for therapeutic purposes, we recommend that you first seek the advice of a doctor, who is the only person able to diagnose a treatment suited to your state of health.


You can prolong the life of your jewellery by looking after it properly. There are a few basic rules that you should follow, (see stone by stone below.) By doing so regularly, you will also help to preserve their healing properties. Stones can absorb the negative energy that surrounds them, so it’s a good idea to start cleansing and purifying as soon as you acquire the stone to rid it of the influences of the various people who may have handled it before you.

There are several ways of purifying your stones, some of which involve using smoke, rice, sound, meditation and leaving it in direct sunlight or moonlight. The negative side effect of sunlight is that it can cause the colour of the crystal or stone to fade over time.

In any case, avoid harsh cleaners. Chemical soaps and acidic cleaning solutions will only damage the appearance of the stone. They weaken the mineral and attack the waxy surface. Stick to mild, natural soaps. Once the stone has been towel-dried, you can continue to recharge it.

HEMATITE. Haematite can rust in water due to its high iron oxide content. Rather than washing your stone with water, consider massaging it with a small bristle brush to help release pent-up energy. It can be recharged in the sun or on an amethyst geode, a block of quartz or a cluster of rock crystals.

TIFFANY. To clean a Tiffany stone, simply run it under running water. To restore all its energetic properties, it can be purified by the vibrations of a Tibetan singing bowl, by sage fumigation or by placing it under the rays of the moon.

AGATE. You can purify and cleanse your agate in a pure water bath, leaving it in the water for a few hours. To recharge it, put it in sunlight: you can leave your stone for a few hours in a room bathed in light. However, avoid long exposure to direct sunlight. It is also possible to recharge it with a cluster of quartz.

BROWN JASPER. The most common way to clean brown jasper is with water. Hold your stone in the water, gently rub off the dirt with your fingers, then dry it with a soft, clean cloth.

PICASSO JASPER. To clean the stone it should be immersed in water. To recharge the stone optimally, place it in the sun on a mass of quartz.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN. To clean the stone, simply rub it with a cloth to restore its brilliance. Be careful not to scratch the stone, which is quite fragile.

BLUE SODALITE. The easiest way to clean Sodalite is to run it under clear water. You should never use salt water to clean a sodalite crystal, as this could damage or crack the surface. Sodalite likes to rest in silk. Wrap the gemstone in a silk scarf and leave it to recharge for several hours. Sodalite can also be recharged in one or two hours’ exposure to soft light. However, this blue mineral is best recharged overnight in softer moonlight.

BRONZITE.You can clean your bronzite bracelet by rinsing it for a long time in salt water or with incense. Bronzite recharges easily in sunlight.

BLACK ONYX. To clean, simply rinse with clean water and wipe with a clean cloth. To purify it, place it in a bowl of salt water for a few hours. Avoid direct sunlight.

LAVA STONE. Lava stone is not very fond of water, so we advise you to clean the beads of your bracelet with a slightly damp cloth beforehand. For purification, one method is to leave your bracelet in a small pile of salt for a few hours. You can then recharge your stones in the sunlight for several hours or on the evenings of a full moon.

All our leather products are made from genuine leather

You can extend the life of your leather strap by treating it gently.

Leather bracelets do not tolerate damp conditions. Try to keep them dry so they don’t become porous and brittle. Excessive exposure to the sun can also damage the durability and original colour of the leather.

To clean your leather product we advise you to use a damp cloth on a small area of your product to make sure it doesn’t react badly. Once you have confirmed the safety of the cleaning technique, you can use it to thoroughly clean your product.

Do not use any chemical cleaners to maintain the product.

Genuine leather may change colour slightly with regular use.

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