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After some years of success with our jewellery brand Zaza&Lili FOR HER, we decided to create an additional line, and this time FOR HIM. 

Män was born out of our ambition to search for new styles and grasp a whole new understanding of sophisticated jewellery. We have named this website “man-acc” which stands for “män accessories” in view of our potential future development & creation of diverse accessories to add to our jewellery line.

Since we are based in Sweden and we advocate for minimalism, what is better than calling our brand “män” meaning “men” in Swedish.

With this website we are eager to create a concrete space wherein our jewels can shine, and our story continue. Welcome to our never-ending search for accessory satisfaction.

Madeleine Jarl, company founder

With a creative and curious spirit, Madeleine Jarl’s rich journey started at the youngest age. At 19, she left her peaceful youthhood in Sweden for France. At home, she had become a champion in springboard diving. Her thirst for movement and adventure led her to Paris where she began her career as a model. She discovered a new buzzling world while she worked for brands such as Aubade, Christian Dior, Jeanne Piaubert…

Madeleine did many stops across the world as a model. All these journeys were embossed by the beauty of diversity: cultures, languages, materials, colours, perfumes…every little detail was a source of inspiration for her future.

In her desire to create and share she founded the feminine jewellery brand Zaza&Lili, which carries her twin daughter’s names and captivates with purity and elegance. The minimalistic and pure designs reflect Madeleine’s universe.

As an artist of life eager to continue her passionate creative voyage Madeleine decides to launch an additional line for men. Advocating for minimalism and with inspiration from her country of roots, Sweden, the brand was simply baptised ‘män’ meaning “men” in Swedish.

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We are passionate about adventure and are constantly on the lookout for new ways to discover the world. It’s important for us to share and be present in many places: thus, our MÄN bracelets fly all over the world on dozens of airlines!
Our timeless designs are suitable for men all over the world, whatever their age, culture or style. It’s the perfect gift for your loved one or simply the whim you can’t resist.

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